TOP 5 Pagination UI Design

We have collected some cool examples to make beautiful pagination UI design better or inspire you for a new one! I hope this collection will be useful to you and save you time looking for the best solution.

Hidden pre-hover navigation


An interesting option for pagination. I love the clean and interactive approach that the author of this great concept showed us! I think on mobile devices it will be necessary to think over a different approach, perhaps without side arrows, but for desktop it is a very good option, from the point of view of UI.

Here is the implemented concept by Mourad Hamoud.

Design by Colin

In conclusion, I want to say that the best pagination approach is the one that will allow you to achieve your goals! If you have a multi-select in your system, think about showing all posts. If you need to quickly move from page to page, make the "next" button bigger! If page numbering is not important and you have a news resource, do the loading of elements when scrolling! Good luck, and never turn the page back in your life!😎!

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